Kasper Nymand


Freja and I enjoying nature on the grass. 🌄

Dog enjoying nature on the grass


When you see a flag and think of a friend. ✨

Brazilian flag waving from an apartment in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark


Freja and I on a walk in nature 🌱🐕

Taking the dog for a walk in nature


Good morning

View from bed


Mom and Freja on the grass and me on the terrace enjoying the great weather. ☀️

Mom petting dog and me sitting on the terrace with a clear sky


Cozy night in Denmark

Building and night sky in Horsens

Shorts weather in Denmark


Freja showing off her tongue 👅

Labrador Retriever showing off her tongue


Freja and I, sitting and enjoying the sun on the terrace. 🐶

Sitting in the sun with my dog next to me

Store Valby, Roskilde, Denmark


Taking the train across Denmark once again 🇩🇰

Little Belt Bridge, Denmark

The Old Little Belt Bridge, Denmark


Looking up in the night sky from my soft comfy bed 🌛

Looking up in the sky