Kasper Nymand


Night sky 🌌

Night sky with some clouds in front of a bright moon


Here, we go! My first Python programme in PyCharm IDE.

My first Python programme in a Python IDE


Back in Aarhus for a short visit. 😁's city!

View from 5th floor of Aarhus during night time

Zleep Hotel Aarhus South, Viby J., Aarhus, Denmark


Have you seen my slippers? Aren't they cool!

Red and white slippers that look like Converse shoes


Happy 30th birthday to my brother, Henrik!

My brother at the top of Faldgruben at Dyrehavsbakken, Denmark

Celebrations at Dyrehavsbakken, Denmark


Walking in Skjoldungernes Land 🚶

Walking in Skjoldungernes Land


Freja and I enjoying nature on the grass. 🌄

Dog enjoying nature on the grass


When you see a flag and think of a friend. ✨

Brazilian flag waving from an apartment in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark


Freja and I on a walk in nature 🌱🐕

Taking the dog for a walk in nature


Good morning

View from bed