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Galaxies within a few million light years of each other can gravitationally affect each other in predictable ways, but scientists have observed mysterious patterns between distant galaxies that transcend those local interactions.

These discoveries hint at the enigmatic influence of so-called “large-scale structures” which, as the name suggests, are the biggest known objects in the universe. These dim structures are made of hydrogen gas and dark matter and take the form of filaments, sheets, and knots that link galaxies in a vast network called the cosmic web. We know these structures have major implications for the evolution and movements of galaxies, but we’ve barely scratched the surface of the root dynamics driving them.

The secret of these synchronized galaxies may pose a threat to the cosmological principle, one of the basic assumptions about the universe. This principle states that the universe is basically uniform and homogenous at extremely large scales. But the “existence of correlations in quasar axes over such extreme scales would constitute a serious anomaly for the cosmological principle,” as Hutsemékers and his colleagues note in their study.

Quasar alignments are not the only hurdles that oddly synchronized galaxies have presented to established models of the universe. In fact, one of the most contentious debates in cosmology these days is centered around the unexpected way in which dwarf galaxies appear to become neatly aligned around larger host galaxies such as the Milky Way.

Source: Becky Ferreira, VICE

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The quality of our life — emotionally, physically, and mentally — is directly proportional to the quality of our relationships.

What makes you feel happy or fulfilled isn’t the relationship itself, but the interactions that make that relationship up.

The only path to achieving the goal of a fulfilling life is to have fulfilling relationships, and those relationships can only be created by consistently connecting through meaningful interactions.

When you think something positive and you genuinely believe it, voice it.

  1. When you voice positive thoughts, you make the recipient feel emotionally uplifted.
  2. This feeling elevates their appreciation of you and the relationship you share.
  3. Because you were the source of that interaction, their emotional response creates an incredibly fulfilling sense of happiness and satisfaction in you.

When you practice Positive Alacrity, you’re not only uplifting others. Above all, you’re uplifting yourself.


  1. Recognition: Think of something positive that happened within the last 24 hours, then ask yourself: “Who was the cause of (or involved in) this experience that I could thank or compliment?”
  2. Specificity: Ask yourself: “What specifically did I like or appreciate about this experience/situation?”
  3. Action: Now, voice it. Pay this person a face-to-face visit. If that doesn’t work, call them. If you can’t call them, then text or email them; immediately, before you finish reading this.

Source: Harvard Second Generation Study and Patrick Ewers, Pocket

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“Confidence without clarity is always a disaster.”

Quote by Sadhguru



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More than 30 volunteers and over 100 younger ones are attending this year's Game Jam in Copenhagen. This year, Microsoft Denmark has been kind enough to sponsor the venue for a 24 hours coding session.

All the young ones are competing in creating the best games in four categories with the common theme of The Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Coding (and maybe a few games) day and night, and presentations the following day. Below, is a picture from the introducing sessions, hosted by one of the co-founders of it all, Martin Exner.

The Global Goals at Coding Pirates Game Jam 2019

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Your body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.

Your body, Your temple



Fluffball waiting for somebody to get home 🐶

Fluffball aka sweet dog waiting for somebody to get home



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