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Looking up in the night sky from my soft comfy bed 🌛

Looking up in the sky


Distance: 10,63 km Time: 2:01:38

Horsens Walking on Garmin Connect

Bollerstien, Horsens, Denmark


Ready for 24h Le Mans night 👏

Bryghus Skovlyst BirkeBryg

24h Le Mans on Eurosport


Rainy Wednesday ⛈️

Rainy Wednesday

Kamtjatka, Horsens, Denmark


Living in Denmark. I'm on my way to bed... 🙈

18 hours of daylight 🌛

18 hours of daylight in Denmark


📺 Watching “The Minds of 99” and “Bon Iver” Live from NorthSide Denmark 2019

The Minds of 99 on NorthSide 2019 Bon Iver on NorthSide 2019


When short people open their umbrella, they look like mushrooms. 🍄


A little walk to the harbour... 🚶

Horsens Lystbådehavn

Horsens Lystbådehavn, Horsens, Denmark


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