INFP or INFJ – Are you FiNe or NiFe?

INFP with FiNe functions

Fi in INFP is all about personal values and being authentic. An INFP will feel horrible if they don't follow and show their values to the world. They base their decisions on internal feelings and their personal value system. Authenticity is also probably the most important criteria they're looking for in a relationship and friendships. When relating to others, they will do so based on what they would feel themselves in the certain situation.

Ne in INFP is expressed in the INFP exploring and generating ideas while doing creative things. For them, ideas are generated while writing or talking, or painting a picture. Second thing they're looking for in relationships, somebody who can be open and who wants to discuss topics that are important to them. This is how their ideas are generated.

Si in the INFP is the way that they store and reference previously gathered information. INFPs prefer to learn and grow through personal experiences. They want to try it, learn, and connect it with their value system when implemented in the future. They will often have a “right” or “wrong” approach to certain things depending on personal experience.

Te in the INFP is looking for a better solution to a problem. It's a logic function that is looking to improve and critique things. The INFP will sometimes critique their own work to an extent where it tires them out, and maybe an art piece never gets released. Here, they have to learn that nothing is perfect, yet everything is perfect.

INFJ with NiFe functions

Ni in the INFJ is generating ideas through information previously gathered from the world. They make connections and link certain things internally in order to generate ideas. No external force is really needed when the information is already gathered.

Fe in the INFJ is collecting feelings from the outside and other people around them. They're constantly looking for the “vibe” of the room and feel what others are feeling at all times. They will often make sure that everybody is feeling comfortable.

Ti in the INFJ often goes together with the Ni to develop ideas and use critical thinking to improve and realize those ideas. Some INFJs also experience the Ni-Ti loop where the two functions are battling and the INFJ can end up in an internal war of thoughts if some of their external functions are not engaged.

Se is how the INFJ is gathering information from the world. They use their senses to learn from outside, but at the same time it is their least developed function. It's the function that is engaged when cooking or enjoying beauty. Often an INFJ can forget everything around them as the internal functions are engaged.