Election Day, Great Weather, and Last Day of Lectures

It's Election Day in Denmark. A week has passed since the EU elections. The weather is great here. Currently sitting on a bench under the trees with birds singing in the background.

My X has been set and all there's left to do now is see the result later in the evening.

Yesterday, was the last day of lectures for my bachelor's degree in marketing. A lot has changed since I started. My views and perspective on life has taken a few turns. Partly due to new experiences I've had, new people I've met on my journey, and discussions that I've had with other peers.

Changes are always emotional. You say goodbye to things that you've tried your best to incorporate in your life. People you've crossed paths with, friends you've made and connected with, but sometimes those journeys don't last forever. Sometimes you got to leave things behind to make room for new experiences into your life.

Studying with international peers, I've learned to understand this concept very well. You meet, you become close with some, and at some point paths lead in different directions ones again. It's nothing to be sad about – that is just life.

There are certainly people that I hope and wish to stay connected with, even if we're moving to different parts of the world. Ultimately, we're still connected in our journeys and the experiences we've had together so far.

Election periods are always times that makes you reflect. What do I, as an individual, wish for us, as a society, to happen in the future. Who am I and how do I fit into that equation.

I'm making the changes I need to make to ultimately lead a better life for me and people around me. For instance, I've started blogging again. Something that I used to love when I was younger and had more time to do exactly what I wanted to do.

Even with more responsibilities coming as you grow older, I do still wish to have that same feeling. The feeling of being able to do exactly what you feel is right and take the time to do exactly that.

Starting blogging again is one step in that direction.