Hi friend,

Welcome to my blog! This is a personal timeline of my life.

TL;DR BIO World Citizen 🌍 • Made in Denmark 🇩🇰 • Community Advocate 🤗 • Gamertag: TheAibo 👾 • Global Marketing & Communications 🧙

I'm generally engaged in the fields of Marketing, Communications, and User Experience, often in an international context – both in the offline and online spaces. Content management, copywriting, website development, social media engagement, brand management, user and market research, interactive design, and web design.

Communications and Community Management are two fields that I find particularly interesting, also of which I have great experience. The engagement of people and building community is what brings me joy and excitement. Incorporating these aspects in any work I do, whether Marketing, Communications, or User Experience related, is always on top of my mind.

I'm open by heart. Always seeking new relationships, expanding knowledge, skills, and experience to support my activities.

You can find me around the internet as @kaspernymand.

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I'm happy to meet you! :)

Kasper Nymand