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I believe in one universe, but I believe that the universe has countless layers. In fact, I believe that every single one of us is a planet with billions of citizens inside of us, the cells.

We live on this planet, in this universe. Constituting of countless of stars, planets, and galaxies with suns and moons. We are a part of this planet, Earth, and our parents are the Sun and the Moon as we're attracted and circling around each other.

That's also why I think everyone should take way better care of the environment, as we are a part of it and we can't live without it.

The same goes with our bodies; we need to take better care of all the cells inside of us. If we're not healthy, they will eventually die. If too many cells die, the body dies altogether.

That doesn't mean that we don't exist anymore, just like any other planet or star that changes its form doesn't stop to exist. We're just a part of something new, but still in this very universe.

Ultimately, I believe that we're all parts of the universal consiousness. The universe is consious about itself, and that is exactly what we're experiencing.

We will always be conscious beings in different forms.


Freja and I enjoying nature on the grass. 🌄

Dog enjoying nature on the grass


When you see a flag and think of a friend. ✨

Brazilian flag waving from an apartment in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark


Freja and I on a walk in nature 🌱🐕

Taking the dog for a walk in nature


Good morning

View from bed


Mom and Freja on the grass and me on the terrace enjoying the great weather. ☀️

Mom petting dog and me sitting on the terrace with a clear sky


Cozy night in Denmark

Building and night sky in Horsens

Shorts weather in Denmark


Freja showing off her tongue 👅

Labrador Retriever showing off her tongue


Freja and I, sitting and enjoying the sun on the terrace. 🐶

Sitting in the sun with my dog next to me

Store Valby, Roskilde, Denmark


Taking the train across Denmark once again 🇩🇰

Little Belt Bridge, Denmark

The Old Little Belt Bridge, Denmark


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